July 11, 2022

Dear Mamaleh’s Loyal Supporters,

We write today to share information with you about menu price increases we will be implementing today.

In an effort to keep costs to our customers down and stay competitive we have not done an overhaul of prices since 2018.  However, it is no surprise to anyone that in the times we are living, this is no longer sustainable for our business.  Please know we are taking this very seriously and have spent countless hours measuring our costs, researching the market, and trying to put together a newly priced menu that will allow us to keep fulfilling the need for high quality Jewish soul food in the New England area. 

Here are a few insights into what drives our prices:

1) High quality ingredients (ex. All our meat and cage free eggs are antibiotic and hormone free, all natural, humanely raised, vegetarian fed).  

2) Inflation from wholesale vendors related to food costs ( we are often the 3rd, 4th, 5th stop on the supply chain …each distributor marking up the product as it goes through the chain)

3) Shipping surcharges from our vendors

4) Supply chain issues causing things like the great Farmer’s Cheese Shortage of 2021

5) Labor; our employees are the most valuable input in the equation of keeping this place going.  We guarantee all of our employees a minimum of $17/hr by including a 10% fair wage surcharge, however, that surcharge barely covers the increased business expense we’ve taken on by forgoing the sub-minimum wage for tipped employees (an increase in pay from $6.15/hr plus tips to $14.25/hr plus tips), and the considerably higher wages we’re offering across all positions.  

We can’t possibly understate our appreciation for your support through the past SIX years (YES ! July 13th is our 6th anniversary) … and will look forward to serving you and working to create your memories for years to come.

Rachel, John, Heather, Evan, Alon, Rachel, Tyler,

Mamaleh’s Ownership